Monday, November 11, 2013


Sorry for the silence! It's that time in the semester. You know, this one....

That's everything I have to grade this week. Preferably, in a couple of days, but I suppose I should sleep a little bit, yeah? Well, the good news is that I have zero homework for the class I sit in on (or not that much before Friday, anyway), so grading is pretty much my only stress this week.

Anyway, because of the time issue, I could use some help. John and I eat the same five or six dinners every week. We cycle some in and out, but we usually stick to about the same five or six general ideas. I've been trying to branch out, so I've made some pretty awesome dinners in the last month, but we're pressed for time and it's just so easy to make and eat the same things all the time. What quick and easy dinners do you make? Doesn't have to be anything fancy to impress me. One person's boring, rut dinner might be another's exciting new addition! :)

Italian sausage soup with tortellini
We eat spaghetti and variations on chicken (quesadillas, fajitas, and chicken alfredo penne) with steak for variation most weeks. We don't own a crock-pot. Let me emend that statement: we own two crock-pots, each 1.5 quarts. You can't heat up a whole can of little smokies in one of those! Maybe you can. I've never tried, honestly. :) I suppose having a biggish one would make life much easier. Convince me to make room for a big one!

I wish you many yummy meals this week and much free time to relax and breathe! I'll try to be back Wednesday with some knitting updates.

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