Friday, December 27, 2013

A Getaway

I hope you had a lovely, relaxing holiday! I did. :) Now it's time for New Year's! We're heading up to Island Park for the weekend. It used to be a bit of a tradition for us to go up to the mountains for the new year. I've missed not doing it the last few years. New Year's has been a difficult holiday for most of my life. It helps to lose myself in the beauty of the snow-capped Rockies and the silent forest. I can't wait to get back up there and snowshoe around, maybe try my hand at cross-country skiing, or just sit and knit beside a blazing fire, gazing out the window.

You might ask, "Knitting what?" Oh! Why, this, of course! I had the choice of two rather tedious, yet mindless knits to bring with me. The travelling, conversations, and tv-watching dictated that I choose something a little more simple than I normally do this time of year and suggested to me they might be finished with little tedium and less time. One was Boxy and the other was a Henry scarf for John, who insists his fingering scarf is too heavy for fall or spring (I've got some lace-weight Habu to make him happy). I couldn't find the needles for the scarf or it would have won (missing needles is becoming a WIP demolition kind of busted before it properly began, but will be back in earnest come January), but the miles of stockinette on this sweater will fit the bill nicely. I usually prefer to knit things i

n pieces, but the prospect of purling half of this oversized garment on tiny needles scared the life out of me, so I dug out my underused 47" needle cables and I'm hoping for the best. How many times do you think I'll twist my 68" cast on before I get it right? :P Will that much length fit on 47" cables? Gosh, I hope so....

I've got the yarn, needles, and patterns for a pair of socks if I start to lose my mind. I just can't decide between Narcissa or Herbology socks. What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend! I'd love to hear what you are up to this weekend and what fantastic plans you have for New Year's (we seldom do anything, so really any plans will sound fantastic to me)! I'll have some mountainy pics for you Monday.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEARS! we are laying low this year. watching a harry potter marathon, since i'll have finished listening to the entire series on audiobook by then (i am one disc away! one disc!). if we start getting a little itchy around midnight, we might see if any of the restaurants in walking distance will have their bars open for a new years glass of wine or something. but otherwise, yeah, i foresee my ass being stuck to the couch, and i don't mind it in the least! i hope yours is as quiet and lovely and restful as it sounds!

    i love the boxy... that might be in my knitting future! can't wait to see yours! both herbology and narcissa are really pretty, but i vote for narcissa because i love a picot edge!

  2. Happy new year! Hope you have the relaxing getaway you need! And I'm convinced we can always cram more onto a circular than we think.


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