Monday, February 17, 2014

The Big List

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
I've been knitting along furiously and hoping beyond hope that neither you nor I notice how incredibly loooooooooooooong my works-in-progress list has gotten over there on the right hand side of the blog. With any luck, you all read me through a reader and you haven't noticed, but certainly this post will invite some peeks at the madness. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Lunar Legwarmers
It's really long, right? 17 works-in-progress is way too many, even for me! I'm mildly comfortable at 10, where I usually hover. Purging the stash has given me start-itis. I wish I could say most of them are small projects, but I don't think that's true. Four of them are sweaters, six are scarves or big shawls. The other seven are socks or mittens or in the general category of one or the other. They are the projects that won't take long to finish once I get through the big ones and find time for the small ones again. Will that day ever come? Gosh, I hope so.

Nebulous Shawl
I've only myself to blame. If you think 17 WIPs is going to keep me from casting anything on, you're wrong, haha. I will certainly try to finish a project or two before I cast on something new. At the very least, I hope you are excited to see all these things finished throughout
the coming year. I am! That'll be my biggest motivation for finishing them. :)

What's your WIP count? Would you be interested in joining me for a bit of spring cleaning to cut that number down? I'm thinking April, perhaps. If we can get enough interest, maybe I can round up some prizes too.


  1. I've 3 WIP at the moment and I though that was too much too handle - I think 17 would stress me out! But then again it's always more fun to do the first few rows of a new project than keep on plugging away at the older ones right

    1. Right! I'd love to get back down to 3, lol.

  2. For some reason, 17 WIPs doesn't seem scary. I tend to have long-term and short-term projects, though. Currently, I've got about 8 WIPs (that I know of). A little stash diving and that's sure to jump to at least a dozen. I'd totally be interested in a group knit down. I feel that I'd be more successful than just telling myself to knit more/faster.

    1. lol, I know what you mean. If it weren't for Ravelry telling me what I had on the needles, I'd live in blissful ignorance thinking I only had maybe 5 projects in the works. I'm really thinking a spring cleaning KAL will help a few people, so I'll bring it up a few more times and see who is on board!


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