Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Too Many Bunnies, Too Little Space

My busy summer has become more manageable, thank goodness! So now I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule. :) That means I'll have to find something for Friday, though...hmmm....

My latest and greatest works-in-progress have been 1) acclimating to a house with five rabbits in it and 2) cleaning the house so the room we lost to the new bunnies reappears in helpful storage areas.

It took about a week of panic (we have FIVE RABBITS!) before John worked his magic and improved everybun's life. Now I think, "We can do five rabbits." It means constant vigilance and daily cleaning, but we've got it worked out now, I think. Meet T-Rex and Ophelia:

They desperately needed a new home so their mom could go off to the UK to become a bunny vet. We didn't want them to go to a shelter or an inexperienced home, so we're keeping them here. It might be short-term, it'll likely be forever, but we're happy to have them one way or another. They are very good bunnies, which automatically wins half the battle. :)

Spike and Sweetpea got a new enclosure out of the deal. They are very, very happy and have been on their best behavior in a long time, haha. Teddy gets a room (with John) to himself where he is pampered and gets to run freely much more often, so he's also much happier. Happy bunnies are a happy house!

Like I said, they do take up a lot of room, which has made me realize how much clutter I have in our part of the living room. Today I cleaned up my studying corner of the living room a bit. It mostly involved removing books that need to be renewed or returned to the library. Many will likely move into my office, but since I'll be moving offices very soon, I'm just going to have to put up with stacks of books around for a little while.

I also had to make room for my new sewing machine, which proved a tighter fit than I had anticipated. Everything looks a little bit neater now, though (I'll share a photo when I've picked my organizational piles up off the floor ;]), and that's all I can hope for. I need to go through a yarn pile that has been growing like the Blob next to the futon. :S I've fooled myself into believing that I've been stingy with the yarn buying recently....Such is the life of a knitter, though, eh?

I'm knitting like crazy on two sweaters. If I don't find something finished lying around, I'll show you the giant sweater Friday.


  1. That's good they are all getting along nicely. Welcome T-Rex and Ophelia! hope you like your new home :) happy knitting :)

  2. Five bunnies wow - they're so so cute though! I love that first photo

    1. I know. :S They are all joys, though. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that first photo is absolutely adorable! Made me want to snuggle my computer screen :)


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