Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sweater Stacking

Hello, dear readers! I hope my American friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving last week and that my international friends had a great week!

The lack of sunlight is hindering my blogging a bit because I'm not typically home when the sun is available for photos. :P I have been knitting and working on various things, though.

My in-progress knits have been unceremoniously dumped in wretched a pile next to the futon since this summer. It was really starting to wear on me, so I thought I'd do something about it. My first thought was to neatly fold the projects and stack them so that the least finished were on the bottom and the closest to finished were on top. That way, I can glance to my left, think, "Hey, this sweater just needs a neckband," and pick it up to finish it.

Turns out it works! As I was stacking the projects (sweaters, mostly), I thought those very thoughts and I finished a couple of them. I have a large order of Christmas knits, all the same item, so I know I'm going to be glancing longingly at this carefully arranged stack and wanting to knit on anything but those items from time to time. :) I'm hoping that desperation for anything else will result in lots of finished sweaters! It's ridiculous to have so many so close to being done. It's cold, dammit! Let's wear these things already!

I've had a bit of wrist pain as of late, so I've refrained from knitting, even though I don't think it is knitting-relating. It's feeling much better, so I'm going to do some housework now and then cast on a Christmas present for one of my brothers to knit when my Wednesday tv shows come on. :)

Are you making holiday gifts this year? What do you watch while you holiday-craft? If you are interested in some good company and some good holiday movie recommendations (some are wholly unrelated to any holiday, but still fabulous), pop on by the Christmas Movie KAL thread in the Very Shannon group and join us!


  1. I only have two things I'm making this year...and I just got the yarn I am home sick for the next few days, I'm sure I'll be able to bag them out.....

  2. Congrats on finishing your projects :-) I love knitted sweaters! I'm making two knitted gifts for my nieces, two fox scarves. It's in garter stich, so very easy to knit while watching tv.

  3. I would find those beautifully colored sweaters a major distraction from gift knitting. I wasn't going to do knitted gifts this year... Then I did, so I only have one more to try, the Foliage Cowl, when the yarn comes in this week. I've only done one Christmas movie so far.

  4. Working on hood of 2nd Debbie Bliss baby's cabled hooded sweater coat. My hands and wrists are having issues from doing cables every 4 rows on #3 ' s. Check out the pattern and you will understand why! ! For 2 special babies. More projects in the works. Had to get the pattern translated. Should be fun. Will post photos when finished.

  5. A smart strategy for finishing up some knitting, glad to hear that it works. I'm not doing any christmas knitting this year, so my time is completely filled wil selfish knits.

  6. Beautiful sweaters! There's something about a pile of knits that looks so perfect. Great finishing strategy!


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