Saturday, April 2, 2011


Thank you so, so much for all the kind comments yesterday!  I am a very lucky girl to have such cute bunnies and such a wonderful boy.  And such wonderful readers too! :)

Today I have to talk about something I aspire to do.  Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I've done all my aspiring, but that's not entirely true.  I've had a pattern or two floating around in my head since I impulse-bought some Berroco Vintage earlier this year and made my cousin's striped cardi (it needs buttons still, but I'll get it posted soon).  I basically decided that I have too many cardis, would like a new striped sweater, and have this lovely greenish-blue and purple yarn that would rather not be mixed after all, like I initially thought they might like to be.  I don't know if I really aspire to write and sell patterns (as if I don't have enough to do already!), but I would like to just sit and knit and see what happens without a pattern more often this year.  I feel like I've finally got a good grasp of how sweaters and things are constructed, so I should be able to just wing it.  Especially now that I've finally gotten the whole gauge thing officially figured out. :)

Another thing I've very recently been thinking about (since a particular comment popped up this week--Thanks, Anon!), is dying yarn with something more complicated than Kool-Aid.  We are limited by space and time from dying large quantities of betta-inspired yarn to sell, but I might just play around this summer and see if we could.  Then John and I's interests really would overlap in a fun activity we could do together!  Woohoo! :)  We'll see what happens.

It occurs to me that I haven't yet mentioned what I do.  It's only now important because I'm going to complain about it a little, haha.  Not that much.  I like it.

I'm a Classics (that's Latin and Ancient Greek and all related studies) Ph.D. student and a Rhetoric teaching assistant.  I took one of my two comps (for this year, anyway.  Three more to go!) this morning.  It was a Greek sight exam, which means I didn't get to use a dictionary, I just had to read it and translate it.  I rocked the prose section (I knew I would), but a few things worked against me in the poetry section.  My plan had always been to skip Homer and Hesiod because I've never read enough of either to get the dialect down.  I was right to expect some tragedy, which went as well as I had expected (though I can't remember the passage at all!).  Unfortunately, I had to pick three of four passages to translate and two of them were Homer and Hesiod.  The fourth was a lyric poet, which I could have done, but every other word was some food, dish, drink, dance, or something that I didn't recognize the vocabulary for.  So I had to do Homer and Hesiod.  :(  Hesiod actually went pretty well.  Homer may have sunk me, though.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Now I have to read up on my Roman literature and history and my Greek literature and history for the exam in two weeks (while I teach, do homework for my classes, and research and write a paper)!  May can not come soon enough!

I really want to start a sweater.  I miss not working on one.  But I'll have to stick to little projects for a while.  I'll reward myself handsomely in Seattle. :)

Sorry for the loads of text!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That would be cool, betta inspired yarn YAY XD


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