Sunday, April 3, 2011

Every Time is Knitting Time

Aww....It's the last day of Knitting and Crocheting Blog Week. :(  Now we can only look expectantly forward to next year and fondly reread all of our new friends' blogs!  I'm really excited I've made some new blog friends this week!  So nice to meet you all!  Thanks for all the comments!  That we have any followers at all is kind of a big shock.  John and I had pretty much resolved ourselves to keeping this blog as a record for ourselves.  It's much better to share with you guys though!

My knitting time...and space too?  Sure, I can tell you all about that.  I knit whenever.  Morning, night, between classes, during lectures, when I'm supposed to be doing homework, watching tv, alone, with a knitting group, with the boyfriend....I knit on the bus, in the office, on the couch at home, in bed, in the library, while we are watching a movie in the class I teach...anywhere.  I'm a knitaholic.

I would say, more often than not, I knit on my couch in front of the tv when I'm supposed to be doing my homework.  Sometimes I start doing my homework and think, "I'll reward myself with a few rows of knitting."  But then the few rows turns into, "I need to get from the ribbing to the waist-shaping."  Which then becomes, "Have to get to the arm-holes."  And before I know it, I have a new sweater, but haven't glanced at 300 lines of Greek and Latin.  Oops.

I've considered skipping sleep just so I can knit too.  Haven't done it.  God forbid that day ever come!

What about you?  Are you more disciplined with your knitting time than I am?

Again, thanks so much for reading my nonsense this week!  I've loved reading everyone else's posts!  Come on back now, ya hear? ;)


  1. I knit instead of doing homework, its so much more fun than writing a paper on sleep XD

  2. I am guilty of 'just one more row' syndrome, though my body is wise to it now and puts itself into auto shutdown and I find myself waking up on the sofa at 3am! I have to learn that when my eyes start to close that's it, bedtime!

  3. I think it's great that you "reward" yourself. School is so stressful and so much more is expected of today's college generation than before. I'm quite undisciplined. I'd knit instead of dusting.

  4. Dusting is the worst! Knit away! :)


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