Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've never immersed myself in an obsession over fashion, but kind of kept my finger on the pulse of it. I consider myself fashionable, or fashion-conscious in any case, as I'm not really a practitioner of fashion. I was quick to recognize that Uggz are Uggz-ly  but I wore knee-high sock cuffs as sleeves for about two years in high school and college, for example. That was my punk/indie phase. That phase gradually faded into the kind of indie that distinguishes herself by skinny jeans and band/silly graphic T-shirts. And hoodies. I love me some hoodies.

Last year, I realized that I'm in grad school and I need a new look. That was when I began knitting garments that I'd actually wear and look good in instead of just the novel (and sometimes questionable) patterns. Between those sweaters and tops, I'm still a jeans and band shirts girl, though. Those are the days I still look like I'm in high school.

John had mentioned to me a couple weeks ago that he wants to reinvent his look for his life as a Master's-yielding Ph.D. student. I thought that was a great idea and that I should finally do something about my look too (I'd hate to look trashy next to my handsome guy!). Right about that time, my Ravelry friend Eliza did a 30-day challenge on her blog where she chose 30 items of clothing and had to mix and match them for a different look every day. I loved seeing her inspirations and how she pulled them off herself. I considered doing it myself, but there are only so many ways to wear jeans and a tee, haha. What I did instead was looked at my wardrobe and noted the stuff I wear all the time. I decided on the look I'm aiming for: I can keep the colorful tees, lose the graphics, and accentuate with knits and jewelry (which I have a lot of but never, ever wear). Sounds good. We'll see how it pans out.

This has been a very long-winded attempt to say that, inspired by ifandany as well as the Sartorialist and My Closet in Sketches, my own attempt to look like a twenty-five-year-old grad student, and constant forum questions on Ravelry about how to wear/style knitwear, I'm going to try (this is an operative word here) to do some kind of style post one Saturday a month showing how I wear my knits (and to help me find my style sense). Now I hope that I might inspire/help some folks, but I'll really be seeking help from you all. After all, I might look TERRIBLE and who would tell me? No one. I went through high school without anyone telling me how foolish I looked in my sock sleeves. :) It could be fun to involve more people (like FO-Friday does, for example) because I could always (and do) benefit from seeing how other people wear their knits too. Now I'm thinking out-loud. I'll cross one bridge at a time and put a back cover on this book.

Do you feel like you need some pointers on how to wear knits? Do you have pointers you'd like to share? Would this all bore you terribly (you can be honest!)?

Thanks for reading all my ramblings and for any feedback you offer! Now back to knitting!


  1. great idea. i always try to get a new twist/style in my closet but also choose often the same things everyday (security vs. improvement). and then there are my handknits and i have no idea how to wear/style.
    i´m looking forward to this project and thanks for all the inspiring links.

  2. I hear ya! I'm looking forward to it too. Let's just hope I can teach myself to go for improvement and not security!


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