Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Second Sock

I often dread second sock (or sleeve, more often) syndrome, and so, tend to put off starting the second longer than necessary. What I never remember is that the second always goes so much faster than the first because I know the pattern and knit with speedy confidence. That's what happened here. I totally could have had these socks done last week, but I spent time on my Breezy cardigan, reading for school, prepping for the return to school (:S), doing housework, and generally ignoring the second sock. I'm pleased to say that I am officially officially moved in! Everything's in its place and the house looks like I've lived here all along. Unfortunately, my desk needs work, but as it has always been a catch-all, I doubt that will change much. As long as I can grade there when the time comes, I'll be happy.

I'll have the socks done to share on Friday and I'll share my Harry Potter tale too (it's really not that exciting, but it is relevant), as per request. ;) Also, this Saturday I'll make my first attempt at a style post. I bought a tripod that has already done wonders for my photography skills, so balancing my camera on books and stuff won't be such a pain and a detriment to my already shaky willingness to photograph myself.

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  1. Good to hear you conquered the syndrome. Loving the pattern with that color. Very nice.

    Glad to hear you are all moved in. Perhaps you can buy some small boxes or containers to try to help you get the desk organized.

    Best of luck with school. Take care.

  2. Hooray for being all moved in! And for conquering the dreaded 2nd sock. It's gorgeous, and I'll definitely drop by on Friday to see the pair in all its finished-up glory!

  3. I find that the second sock goes quickly too! What a nice blue yarn!

  4. To get over second sleeve syndrome, I do them both at the same time, I am sure there is a way to do two socks at a time. Maybe it would be better to investigate that? Just a thought?

  5. I have to cast on for second sock the moment I finish sock one, so that it feels like a continuation of knitting. Then I'm still excited about having a pair of socks to wear that I get on with it ;)

  6. I knit my sleeves two at a time, which seems quite slow; but then when they're done, they're done :-)


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