Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stellar Indeed!

I've been meaning for ages to show you the beautiful yarn I've been receiving from Holiday Yarns in the Stellar Sock Club. It's a club which sends out yarn dyed based on Hubble telescope photos. I love to knit and I love space pictures, so it was a must! It's just the sock part that's caused me some trouble. I don't knit socks. But, I have changed my ways (if only for the club and the love of my life). Orion's Nebula was the first installment. Tomorrow's Fomalhaut was the second. I can't wait to show the finished socks to you!

I cast on a pair of Cookie A. socks in Andromeda last night to participate in a sock knit-along on Ravelry in a Harry Potter group (that's a story for another day :) ). The pattern is Thelonious and it requires sooooo much attention! I don't know if I've ever struggled with a pattern so much, but it's coming out beautifully. The picture here of the yarn does not do it justice. It's blue with a purple overwash. So pretty! :)

I can't wait to use Milky Way. The colors are amazing. I considered doing a shawl with it instead of socks, but...I don't know! What do you think? The colors are subtle enough that I could try a patterned sock, but I'm also not adverse to either another pair of Skew or plain stockinette socks. I've also been queuing shawls like a mad woman, but most are striped and I don't have any yarn (or money to buy yarn) to compliment it. I've got time to think about it (and to browse any suggestions you might have! ;) ).

In conclusion, check out Holiday Yarns! She has some beautiful stuff and some cool clubs besides this one (you'd think that I'd have joined the Greek Mythology Lace Club, being a classicist, but I'm a bigger space nerd, I guess). Pardon my blog barraging. :) I'll make the boy show you his baby angels very soon. They are so stinkin' cute!


  1. Those colors are amazing! Im definitely going to check them out :)

  2. i love the idea of colorways inspired by space pictures! i love it when people use knitting as a way to express their other loves (patterns based on favorite characters, or science based yarn dying, etc). i'm intrigued about this story for another day. any story that involves harry potter has me from the get-go!

    this last one? milky way? soooooo pretty. i vote for shawl! the lida shawl is the one i've most recently fallen for...


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