Friday, February 10, 2012


Done! It took me forever to get my French knots to work. :P It always does. I have a French knot deficiency.

Elijah and Joseph

Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Berroco Remix in Patina and Smoke
Needles: US 4
Project Page

These guys took a lot longer than I had planned! I've been too focused on school. I should knit more!  I had hoped to get them done while it was still January because that is when my little second cousin's birthday is. He is my great aunt's first grandson and they don't live very close to one another. I don't think they get to see each other often, so I thought it might be a nice thing to knit something for the baby (who turned one last month) and a twin for my aunt. She collects elephants, so Elijah was the obvious choice.

A friend had made an Elijah with Remix not long ago and I fell in love with it, so I had to copy. :) I'm having a hard time deciding which elephant to send to whom! I may embroider the recipients' initials on their feet or something before I send them off. I'm really happy with them! I hope to wash them tomorrow so the yarn softens up and they get a little fluffier, but Remix was a great choice!

I also picked up some yarn to give away! We got this Dream in Color Classy at the shop a couple weeks ago and everyone has been swooning over it! The colors are fantastic! I picked up this red skein in keeping with the blog theme. As I walked by the 55 gallon tank housing our older angelfish and a few bettas, I happened to notice a gorgeous little red female betta just hanging out, watching me walk by. She was so bright and pretty that I knew I'd have to give away some red yarn in her honor! I was going to take a picture of her too, but there are too many hiding places in that tank and I haven't seen her again. Maybe I'll hunt her down for next week's post.

If you would like to win this pretty skein, leave me a comment here telling me about your favorite childhood stuffed animal or a pretty fish you had or...something. I'll let you comment until 5pm Central Time Wednesday, February 15th (Lupercalia!), at which time, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

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  1. Hi Ness,

    those elephants are adorable! My first thought was, that the lighter one looks younger. Now if that means, that your little cousin should get the younger one because he´s younger himself or the older one, so that he is even more reminded of his grandmother, I have no idea. :P

    Oh I´d love to win that wonderful yarn! :)
    Let me think, stuffed animals, fish... Mmh. Does it count, that I wasn´t much into stuffed animals or dolls as a child? Or that I like "Finding Nemo"? ;)

    Now I remember! My grandmother knitted my sister and me dolls, that were even longer than we were back then, and we loved them! I almost forgot about that. We were still very little. Those dolls were made from a lot of leftovers and very colourful, they were all floppy and the perfect companion at night in bed. :D


  2. I use yo have a stuffed puppy! It was sooooo smooshy! I used to hug it at my bed. You know, in case the monster under my bed attcks at night...

    craftink on ravely

  3. My favourite stuffed animal still resides at my mom's house. It is a giant teddy bear, aptly named "Teddy". He's so big, my brother's childhood clothes fit him so trust me, he's always dressed to the nines. She tried to get rid of him and his friends the other day ... mutiny is what she got from me and my brothers!!!!! LOLOLOL!!

    Thanks for hosting the give-away!!!

  4. Very cute elephants! I also have a french knot deficiency so I always end up using those fake plastic eyes. Luckily my knitted stuff animals are always for adults so I don't have to worry about a choking hazard.

    My favorite childhood stuffed animal was a rather large teddy bear that I oh so originally called Mrs. Bear. That yarn is beautiful- thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Love the elephants! Okay, I have a childhood stuffed animal story. When I was like 7 years old, my family's house burnt down and we lost everything. But thankfully we received a lot of clothing and etc. donations and someone even donated a stuffed bunny for my sister, and a stuffed bear for me! His name is Mr. Bear, he's not in the best shape but I still have him :)

    - Destiny

  6. Those elephants are simply adorable! They will make lovely gifts. I certainly hope that you are able to sneak in a picture of the pretty red betta, I cannot wait until I have the space for my own little fish.

    I'm super excited for this giveaway! Hooray! As a child, I was actually not into stuffed animals or dolls, what I really loved were cars. Being a strange little child, I bonded with a toy car limousine and took it everywhere. At one point it even had dipers (for the oil spills, you know).

  7. Love the elephants. I like the idea of embroidering their initials on the feet. I currently have a lovely blue and pink male Betta.

  8. i love elijah in this yarn! it's a great combo! i also love that it's machine washable! might have to buy some for upcoming kiddo knits... my very favorite stuffed toy was shelly, a cabbage patch doll. i still have her, in fact.


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