Monday, February 13, 2012

Six (and Seven) of Thirty

Oh no! I disappeared this weekend! I didn't mean to!  Here is Friday's outfit (I post these the day after I wear them). I didn't get out of my pjs Saturday and forgot to photograph Sunday's (you didn't miss anything), so I'm an outfit behind, but it'll work out. :)

Top: Banana Republic
Cardi: ?
Jeans: Aeropostale
Shoes: Blowfish
Shawl: Handmade!

I finally got a hand-knit in! I love this shawl and wear it often. You'll see it a lot more, I suspect. I almost wore it today, actually, but decided not to. I like this shirt paired with this cardi. The only time I've ever worn the shirt, I think, is for my knitting friend's wedding in October. I like it dressed down! I'm going to have to move away from my jeans and into my slacks this week....

Sunday, I wore a brown 1/2 sleeved top from Gap, my black cords, and my Blowfish shoes. Ideally, I would have worn my nude pumps, but I only left the house to run errands (my new black pumps came in!), so I didn't think that would be practical. Hopefully the snow we got today won't impede my ability to wear heels tomorrow!

I promise I'll see you then! There's still time to win that delicious skein of Dream in Color Classy, too!

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