Friday, February 17, 2012

Eleven of Thirty

Short and sweet (I've got a movie to get to!):

Top: I remember buying it, but not where...
Cardi: ?
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Shoe Carnival

Ironically, John's best shot was the first one (which he told me when he took it), but from the most unflattering angle (which I told him when he took it). He took two more to make me happy and both are just fuzzy enough that I'll stick to the unflattering one. :) I need to learn some new (and flattering) poses. :P

I shouldn't have picked this top for the Remix. It only mixes with two other things I chose. I do love it, though. I folded up the pants a bit because I have noticed (from Kendi mainly), that skinny jeans that hit the ankle look best with heels. I think it looks less sloppy than I normally do in the ankle-region (damned short shins!). These are my new heels to replace my ratty black heels. They are great! I literally wore them all day (except going up The Hill between my classroom and my office)!

I'm out of town and scrambling to get homework and family stuff all into a couple days, but I do suspect I will see you tomorrow!


  1. i like this outfit a lot! that blouse is preeeettty! you mentioned something about figuring out how to pose for the camera recently, and that triggered a memory, and then i had to tromp around the internets to re-find this, but: <--this link is to a pretty thorough what-to-do-&-what-to-do-posing-for-pics. it's meant for brides, but that doesn't actually change any of the information!

    1. Oh sweet! Thanks! I am definitely going to have to use some of these (if this picture wasn't proof enough...:S).


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