Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twelve Through Fifteen

My camera batteries died over the weekend, so I was able to get pictures of my outfits, but lost the juice before I could upload them. :P Of course, I didn't have the presence of mind to bring my charger and, though I did pack it, also forgot to use my tripod (as you may be able to tell).

Tops: Gap and Banana Republic
Cardi: N/A and Gap
Pants: Aeropostale and Gap
Shoes: Blowfish and Rocket Dog
Accessories: Pearl necklace (both) and a hair-tie :)

Tops: Banana Republic and Woot
Cardis: Gap and J.C. Penny? (it's a hoodie)
Pants: Aeropostale and Gap
Shoes: Blowfish
Accessories: Pearl necklace (both) and Rikke hat (and my Anne Klein glasses too, I guess!)

I had some cute outfits over the weekend! Then, day 15 happened....I didn't sleep much the night before and didn't have my laundry done, so I fell off the 30 for 30 wagon and into that mess. :S Don't worry, though, outfit 16 is really cute. I even accessorized it a little more (which isn't saying much, but still...).

I don't know if I've ever said anything about the necklace. My grandmother gave my mom and her sister pearl rings for their 16th birthdays. The pearl was too big to be a ring, though, so when my 16th birthday came around, my grandma had it turned into a necklace and gave it to me. I used to wear a little crucifix all the time until the chain broke last year. I haven't gotten around to fixing it, so I've been wearing this instead. I never used to because I'm not much for yellow gold, but it has grown on me. When I get my crucifix fixed, I'll try to switch between the two often.

I suck at accessorizing because a) I don't have very many accessories, b) it takes time and I'm super lazy, c) I'm very routine-oriented, so wearing the same necklace every day is just habit, d) I have accessories that I wear every day already and point c) makes it very hard for me to deviate from them. I am positively lost without my rings. I've been wearing them for at least 7 years. It was really hard for me to retire my high school rings and get these ones on the right fingers and get used to them. Same with my watch. The battery died about 6 months ago and I went two or three without it before I found a place to get a new one. I was incredibly anxious without it (but not enough to get a new battery, apparently!). Fortunately, there are clocks all over the university, so I always knew the time. Honestly, I rarely look to my watch for the time. It's there for comfort. :)

I will see you tomorrow! Promise!


  1. I know how you feel about always wearing the same accessories! I have a ring that I have been wearing non-stop for 9 years now (the BF gave it to me on our 1-year anniversary) and any time I take it off, it feels so weird! I constantly have to remind myself where I left it because I'm terrified of losing it. (which is a bad habit if I'm making meatballs and am up to my wrists in meat mixture and suddenly get the urge to pat my pockets to see if it's still there...)

    Not so much with my watch, though. But that's a long necklace. I usually have my phone near by, so if I need a clock, I grab that one first! Though when the battery on my watch died, I ran to the shops first thing in the morning because I couldn't go without my watch, all of a sudden...

    1. I sometimes use one for a stitch marker when I need one just for a little while in my knitting and, inevitably, I forget that I took it off and have a minor panic attack looking for it. My thumb ring is too big, so I've been known to lose it randomly (in a bag of shredded paper was my favorite :S), so I've taught myself not to use that one as a stitch marker because I will notice it's gone and I WILL have a coronary.

      I've come to rely on my phone or computer (when I'm at school) for clocks. I just have this habit of shaking my arm to get my watch to fall to the right spot. I can't do that without a watch... :D


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