Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is It Only Wednesday?

I got bogged down in Greek for a few hours, sorry for the delay! Greek would be the more accurate work-in-progress, but here's what I'm knitting:

Same as last week: a stripey test-knit. At least it looks like a sweater now! I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, but I have LOADS of school stuff to do and I'm going out of town, so we'll see!

The winner of the yummy Dream in Color Classy skein is: Eliza!

" my very favorite stuffed toy was shelly, a cabbage patch doll. i still have her, in fact."

Congrats! You can email me at vespin1[at]juno[dot]com to claim your prize! It looks like the blog has been eating some of your comments, but I assure you all that they are safe and sound in the blog management part of this confounded machine, so no one was overlooked. I'll have to see if I can figure out what's going on.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading and commenting! It means so much to us! I would give you all yarn if I could afford it!

Here is the lovely little betta who inspired my yarn choice. She was a pain to capture! We got lots of other fish photos while we were at it, so hopefully John will post a fishy post soon. :)

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  1. Finally, the moment I've been waiting for, a picture of the betta who started it all. She is beautiful, thanks for getting the picture!

    1. She is! She's just as spunky as she looks, too. :)

  2. Great picture of the little fish. That had to be a job getting it to look like it was still and posing for you, lol. Vest is really coming along.

    1. Thanks! It took A LOT of patience to get that shot.

  3. hooray! good luck finishing it by this weekend!


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