Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nine of Thirty

One object of this venture was to get better in front of and with the camera. We are not making those strides, but the dressing better part is all right, at least. :)

Blouse: ?
Sweater: Gap
Pants: ?
Heels: Payless

We were too lazy to properly light. Sorry. I looked super school-marmy today. I blame the glasses. Maybe the pony, too. My contacts didn't want to go into my face today and my hair never behaves, so this is what happens. I actually styled au John today and would have taken a photo of him in his usual dressed-up garb, but he didn't wear it today! He likes a button-down under a sweater. He wears it much better than I do. I do like this outfit, though.

I swapped the slacks with a pair of grey jeans I had been iffy about. The slacks are in sad shape, though. I'm short, so I walk on the backs of my pants and they get torn to shreds. I may have my gma hem them this weekend. I do like their shape. I'll have to take that into consideration next time I buy pants.

Super cute heels? Not that comfortable. They just have no give in the toe box. I'm not sure if they can be broken in, but I'm going to try.

I'll be back later with a work-in-progress and the winner of a shiny new skein of Dream in Color Classy!

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