Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here it is! My final outfit!

Dress: Old Navy
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Blowfish

Kinda lack-luster (and a terrible photo), but you get the point. It was actually really warm today, so I was able to walk around without a jacket (in buildings, anyway). I'll tell you what, though, my hair is a flippin' chore. There's a reason I never do anything to it: it doesn't like to do anything. I had this cute, high pony all day, but I have so much hair that it kept sliding down the back of my head and the more I tugged it back up, the fuzzier it got and here you have the completely re-done pony...that still looks a mess. :P I used to straighten my hair every day when it was shorter. If it wouldn't take me an hour, I would totally start again. It's cute. Maybe I'll show you some time. :)

So here's a good way to sum up my experience (which has really been great!):

At left is how I have been dressing since I started college (the photo is from last August :S) and at right is today's post-30 for 30 outfit. I'm put-together! Thoughtfully dressed! Comfortable! Accessorized! I'm so excited to delve back into my closet. We'll soon be packing our winter clothes away and bringing out the spring/summer clothes from storage. I anticipate that I should be able to pare down a lot of my not-so-great clothes and invest in better fitting, more flattering, more age-appropriate clothing. It's all very exciting. :D

Eliza is doing a spring 30 for 30 in April. I hope to be able to participate for at least a week (a 7 for 7!), but we're too pressed for time to try a full 30 for 30 again right now. I've decided Mondays or Sundays will be my own blogging day. I'm sure those posts will be knitting, bunnies, school, and fashion posts as I feel like writing about each. I hope to share with you other successful outfits as I figure them out (especially if they feature knits), but I'm not going to make it a thing. Eliza does that pretty well. :) Go check out her giveaway, by the way! It's fantastic!!!

Thanks for putting up with my terrible autophotography as I embarked on this journey through my closet. It was fun!

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  1. It sounds like this was a successful experiment and you stuck with it! I might want to try something similar in the future (maybe when I start grad school) now that I've seen how much you enjoyed it!


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