Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The List Returns

1) Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
2) Sweet and Bridgewater
3) LOFT gloves and Still Light Tunic
4) Slouchy Socks

I finished the Star Crossed a couple weeks ago, you may recall, and tried my hand at Sweet a week and a half ago, I think, but that didn't land well. Turns out my yarn is bulky, not super bulky and my modifications to remedy that oversight didn't work out right at all. Now I have a goofy-looking hat that needs to be frogged and reconsidered. So, I'm on to Bridgewater.

It's going really fast. I have to have it done before the end of the month (for the Harry Potter House Cup!), so I'm rushing a bit so I won't run out of month with this giant. Next week is Spring Break, so I'll have lots of knitting downtime (in theory). If I can get started on the edging next week, I'll be super pleased.

I have to say, I'm not thrilled with the Fino. I think the loose ply is screwing with my tension. I think it should block out pretty evenly, but it's obnoxious to look at right now. Meh. We'll see!

I'm also still working on a pink Different Lines for me. I doubt it will be ready for Friday, but I'll give it a shot!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Sweet didn't work out, that is so annoying! Bridgewater should behave much better for you : )

    1. Bridgewater is going great! And the miles of garter stitch has given me time to reconfigure Sweet, so I may try it again next week.

  2. i've been totally ignoring my 'should-be-knitting' list in favor of knitting whatever i feel like. i should do a list-y like this.

    i get frustrated with bulky/super-bulky patterns... it's so hard to sub yarns for those because there is so much variation between brands. sorry your sweet didn't work out!

    1. The list is great! I'm actually planning knitting ahead instead of just picking up whatever I want. I'm getting things done for their appropriate seasons for once! Well, almost.

      Bulky/super bulky is the worst. :P


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