Monday, April 16, 2012

Loose Ends

I was avoiding homework this weekend and finally got around to my pile of "see to it" knits, which reminded me of all the things I've either said or promised myself I would update you guys on here. I'm finally getting around to it!

First: A nice, finished, with snaps photo of The (atrocious) City (I've replaced the original offending photos).

So much better! I'm sort of regretting the sweater now, but I think I'll wear it once or twice before I hide it away forever.

Second: Piratess, blocked and with the stripe-goofing ends re-woven.

I was hell-bent on redoing the arms to fix the armholes, but when I put it on for the shot, I decided I actually like it just fine! So this is a happy project now. :) I'm still wearing it, actually. It's too warm to be wearing, but I am.

Third: Indulgent Rikke after a block.

The top came undone a touch, but the slouch is great now.

Fourth: The button for Prairie Grass.

The button's been around since shortly after the post, but I'm lazy and/or forgetful, so you get to see it now. It's a good button. A perfect button, some may say. :)

Consider yourselves up-to-date! I should have a sweater to show you Friday.

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