Friday, August 24, 2012

So Much Greek!


Pattern: Avery by Melissa Labarre
Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted in Glacier
Needles: US 9s
Project Page

This was my Ravellenic Games project for Team Bunny Slaves. My bunnies were happy that they had trained me well enough to finish on time. I've had the pattern in my queue for a very, very long time, but had been waiting for the right colorway of Madelinetosh MCN 80/10/10 Worsted, which I would know when I saw it, but I never did. Fortunately, I accidentally stumbled upon a Plucky update and got her 80/10/10 Primo Worsted in this lovely color. I still kick myself for not getting Sagebrush because I don't think she'll be offering it again, but I'm perfectly pleased with this Glacier.

The actual color is between the two.
I loved the predictable pattern, I had to watch the chart like a hawk every row for the first repeat, but after that, I didn't look at the chart again. I could see where the stitches were supposed to move and remembered which rows I had to change the first five stitches and it went swimmingly! I only messed up one repeat, but caught it before I got too far. I did an extra set of row repeats (you do the chart six times around the cowl and three times through the 16 rows--I did an extra 16 rows) and love the volume it gives me.

The one thing I'm not so happy about is the flimsiness of the fabric. The pattern calls for aran weight on 10s. I used worsted on 9s. If I had gone down to 8s or 7s, it would have been perfect, but the length would have been off, so...yeah....Next time. There will be a next time! I absolutely love it (floppiness and all). I can't wait for fall so I can wear the crap out of it!

The name comes from a speech I have been reading by the Greek author I'm specializing in. It's basically an insanely long speech about all the reasons Athens is the best city ever. I'm about to start a speech about why Rome is the best city ever, so I'll have to decide which I believe! Since I was reading it during the Olympics and it made me feel very patriotic and connected to games (Olympic, Panathenaic, world-wide...), I thought it was fitting.

For more FO Friday posts, go to Tami's Amis! Monday, I'm going to show you how spoiled I was on Wednesday. :D It'll take two posts. I'll do the knitterly spoils Monday and the boyfriend spoils Tuesday.


  1. This is gorgeous! How many skeins did you end up using?

    1. Thanks! I little more than one and a half. I found a cute hat pattern for the leftovers. :)

  2. Ah that sounds like a really difficult speech! I tend to only be good at science, humanities related topics are way too difficult for me to understand. I love the pretty new FO! The pattern is so intricate and fun, it doesn't look quite like anything else I've ever seen before. Even if it is a little thin, it looks wonderful, congrats!

    1. Late Greek is "easy" Greek, so it was mostly entertaining, but it definitely had it's sticky spots. I can't do anything science-y without great bouts of panic, so you've got the jump on me! Thank you!

  3. gorgeous! that yarn is beautiful!


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