Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fourteenth Through the Eighteenth

tee: Banana Republic, slacks: Banana Republic, shoes: Merona, accessories: gifted necklace, Relic watch, Avon rings.

I suppose my lip studs count as accessories too? I need new ones. The balls are two different sizes and it drives me crazy, though not a soul can possibly tell the difference. I loved the ease and simplicity of this outfit. It may be a go-to in the future.

dress: I got it at Penny's?, cardi: Gap, shoes: don't remember..., accessories: the usual, except the belt, which came with the dress.

This guy was a dud. Besides that, it was probably about 90 degrees that day. The cardi is my 30th item. I would have just worn the dress, but I thought that was a cop-out, I'm self-conscious about my armpits, and I wasn't feeling the bright embroidery on the collar that day. My dream for this dress is to some day acquire enough sewing skills to replace the bodice with something more...normal-looking? It's highly impractical and strange to wear, but I do like it, for all the complaining.

top: Mossimo?, shorts: Banana Republic, shoes: probably Blowfish, accessories: yellow tank and the usual.

I totally felt like I was cheating in this outfit. I changed out of the dress and into this for a class from 6:30-9:15 pm. I just wanted to feel comfortable for a little while. It worked! I don't think it looks so terrible, either. I'm exhausted, if you can't tell. :)

top: Banana Republic, jeans: Aeropostale, shoes: New Balance, accessories: gifted necklace, Relic watch, Avon rings, handknit shawl!

It was just barely too hot for the shawl, but, fortunately, it was cool enough in my office and all my classes to justify it. AND it covered my poor-posture shoulder-slump and my shy armpits. Win win win!

top: Banana Republic, pants: ?, shoes: Merona, accessories: the usual.

This is the face I make when I realize I have a lot to do yet and it's Friday, so I don't know whether to be happy or stressed, haha. It doesn't help that I don't have make-up on. The clothes are comfortable and cute, though, I think. These pants need to be hemmed because I've literally walked through the backs of them and they are super tattered, but I haven't gotten around to it (still!).

Okay, I won't go so long without posting next week! Go see what Eliza and the girls have mixed-up!

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  1. i actually really like the long cardigan over the dress!

    yay for incorporation of handknits! (i should work on that...)


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