Friday, January 4, 2013

Blue Gloves, Not Fingers


Pattern: 70 Yard Mitts by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in Breezeway
Needles: US 7/8s
Project Page

I blogged about my plans to make these mitts as soon as I finished my sample knit. I did. They took all of two hours, I think. I wore them for the rest of my stay in Idaho. I still have my fingers! I've always rolled my eyes at fingerless mitts because when my hands are cold, it's my fingers, not my palms, so gloves without fingers aren't exactly useful. Now that I own and wear fingerless mitts fairly often, I know I was exactly right, but my fingers are just a little bit less cold (they don't turn purple, anyway) and when I fold my fingers into my palms to warm them, they actually do get warmer from the cozy wool there.

It was a whopping 6 degrees in Jackson, but I couldn't wear a glove on my right hand if I wanted to take photos, so I wore a fingerless mitt. My fingers actually didn't get unbearably cold until the end of the ride. If I had whipped up another pair like Catherine's, I suspect my fingers wouldn't have gotten cold at all! These are going to be much better for spring when the weather is a touch warmer, but I'll concede that they've saved my fingers so far.

As often as I have knit with Vintage, I have never worn it. I was a little disappointed to see that it doesn't hold up to frequent (and not hard, unless knitting is hard work!) wear very well. They are starting to get really fuzzy and my bind-off either magically un-wove its ends and started to fall apart or snagged slightly on something and broke. It's now knotted rather haphazardly. The end I wove in to close a hole near the thumb has also come undone, so now I'm more than a little worried about my weaving skills (which I knew were slightly questionable to begin with, but at least I believed in them a little!). I hope it's just the yarn!

The pattern, however, is genius, so pick some good yarn and make some! I have another pair planned in grey (also Vintage....).

Sorry I'm so verbose today! For more FO Friday posts, go to Tami's Amis!


  1. I find Vintage nice to knit with (actually I love knitting with it), but it does pill like crazy! I'm sorry to hear that this project is not working out so great, at least they look very cute! Also, I love your rings!

    1. I love it too and tell customers that it pills a bit, but I've never experienced it myself. It's a shame. :P Thanks! All Avon, except the shiny one. :)

  2. Gosh. Now I think I'll have to make myself some mitts. I find my hands getting quite cold when taking pictures in winter. This might be the solution.

  3. those mitts are cute! good save for a trip!

    and hey... i don't want to alarm you, but there seems to be a huge shiny rock on one of your fingers or something?

    1. There is! It was a surprise gift during the marathon weekend, we've just been very, very quiet about it. :)


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