Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Cold!

I'm posting a picture-less blog. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I promise pictures for the rest of the month, but I'm cuddled up under a really warm blanket and I can't possibly get up without risking frostbite!

I made it home to Idaho, where the highs are in the 20s (if we're lucky) and the house is kept at about 10 degrees colder than the human body finds comfortable. I should have packed my knitted sweaters instead of just shawls, but I was being optimistic, I think. The good news is that I did pack three unfinished sweaters, one of which has been keeping my lap nice and toasty warm as I finish the last sleeve and one more pocket. I'm hoping to sew all the facings and ends in tomorrow and send it back to The Fibre Company. I might huddle up on the couch in it for a day or two first, though. It's so cozy!

I actually would risk frostbite to take a photo of it for you, but the closer it comes to completion, the less it looks like a sweater. I'm not sure why that is...probably all the facings flapping around. I do promise finished photos, though, when it looks like a sweater. :)

The first thing I'll do when that sweater is done is cast on mitts! My hands are freezing! I'll need the mitts to be able to knit anything else while I'm here! I hope you're all keeping cozy with your knitting too. This is a great time of year for cuddling furries, loved ones, and your beloved knitting.

If you are facing any of the storms threatening the country this week, stay safe and warm! I'll be back Friday!

Oh, okay, here's a picture of my Idaho backyard two Christmases ago (when snow was still normal in December):


  1. Keep warm! I sympathize with you, I'll be joining you in the arctic land called parents' house tomorrow. Apparently it just snowed too. I think the worst are the times where you cannot wear a sweater: stepping out of the shower. Well knit faster so that you can keep yourself warm!

  2. Oh, I hope you're able to get your sweaters finished ASAP so you can start to get warm!!!


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