Friday, January 25, 2013


Gap: cords; Banana Republic: shirt; Old Navy: sweater; Blowfish: boots; Forever 21: necklace; handmade!: legwarmers

Here is Thursday's outfit. I had hoped to show you today's too, but it is laundry day and half of my picks are in the washer. :P There will be a couple days next week I'll likely wear two different outfits in a day, so I'll catch up. I had a really cute idea for today, but everything was dirty!

So, this is my cheater sweater I swapped with my coral dress. I feel much better about all of my picks with the sweater in there. I've been told it looks like funfetti cake and I am pretty sure that's why it's my fave. :) I used to layer like this all the time in high school, but I haven't in ages! I don't know why. This sweater didn't really like to be layered. It's pretty thin and bunches up in weird places, but once I got it situated in the morning when I put it on, it stayed put all day! More than anything, it was warm!

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