Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My Wednesday tv and John's recitation of Men in Black as we watched took up my Wednesday night! Craziness. Here's my outfit after a day of really, really cold, terrible wind (so pardon the hair).

Banana Republic: top; ?: skirt; Target: belt, tights; Blowfish: boots; Forever 21: necklace; handmade!: shawl

I desperately needed a cardi today. I don't know why I didn't grab one. My office swings from molten-lava hot to freezer cold unexpectedly. The tights were definitely not warm enough (they are raspberry-colored, not black like they seem in the photo). I wore boots to walk around in, but I taught in my heels, so they saw daylight today. I kinda feel like I can do this outfit with all of my tops, but it would sort of be cheating to call them different mixes. I need another idea for this skirt. :P

I have decided to cheat, though. I'm going to swap out my coral dress for a sweater tomorrow. I haven't worn the dress, so it could be worse, right? :) It's way too cold for three skirts and four tops are not enough for two weeks. I'm calling this one my hump-slump, so it should be downhill and more inspired from here on out, I hope!

Go see what Eliza and Rebecca are wearing!

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  1. We've been having icy wind too! I hope that you are staying warm! I'd say that you are allowed to make exceptions for seasonal changes!


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