Saturday, February 2, 2013

Belated FO Friday

Navy is Sexy

Pattern: Red is Best by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Cascade Alpaca Lana d'Oro in Navy
Needles: US 6
Project Page

John has been wearing the scarf I knit him a year ago and he seems to like it a lot. He requested some nice, thick mittens to wear. We settled on these convertible mitts. He didn't like that these are "girl" gloves, but, c'mon. Do they look like a girly glove? Didn't think so. :)

The large size fit him perfectly without any mods. I guess I did shorten the thumbs by one row, but that's because I'm really paranoid about baggy thumbs. Nothing worse than a pair of gloves or mittens with baggy thumbs, right?

In any case, he hasn't worn them yet, though they've been done for probably a week...the coldest week in two years...but I don't think it will take a year to get him to put them on. :) Do people wear what you knit for them?

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  1. i like 'em! i don't think they are girlie in the least.

    it's about 50/50 if people wear what i make for them. jake is a little harder to knit for than some. but he loves his 'here and there' scarf (version 2. he loved the first version better, but it got lost. so he's stuck with version 2), but never really liked his noro striped scarf (which also got lost. too bad, because i would happily wear, or rework that yarn!) and his fingerless mitts (which were from the 'princess mitts' pattern. feel free to tell john that if it would make him feel better!), which have basically been worn into the ground.

    so i empathize re: knitting for men with particular tastes!

    1. Here I thought men were easy to knit for because they'd wear anything basic or basically anything! I'm glad to hear John isn't the only tough cookie. :)

  2. I'm sure he'll wear them, how couldn't he? But if he doesn't you could steal them for yourself, mittens are supposed to be baggy! My ex never wore anything I knit for him, but my mother has worn every thing I've ever made her until it is pretty much falling apart.

    1. It didn't take any longer than a week for him to wear them, which is a good sign! I've never liked baggy mittens, though I know they are supposed to be. I have such tiny hands that everything is TOO baggy on them, so I have a baggy-mittens complex or something, haha.

  3. They look great! Not girly. One of these days I'm going to make something similar for me to wear and be able o text r take photos in the cold.

    1. Now that he has them and wears them, I think I need a pair too. :)


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