Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Top-Secret Anymore

Last June, I had the pleasure of knitting my first sample knit for The Fibre Company. I can't even tell you how shocked I was to get an email from Courtney Kelley herself! She told me she needed a new sample because they were re-vamping some popular patterns, so I had to do some pattern checking along the way, too.

She let me choose what I might like to knit and I chose Hawthorn in Road to China Light. I can't even begin to tell you how delicious this yarn is! It's like knitting with cuddly bunnies! Baby alpaca, silk, cashmere, camel. 'Nough said. The way it is dyed makes the color incredibly dynamic, though it isn't really variegated. For as much stockinette as there is in this sweater at such a fine gauge, I loved every second of it!

copyright Kelbourne Woolens
Two weeks ago, I learned via their blog that Courtney and Kate Gagnon Osborn (they are The Fibre Company) are releasing a book of these tuned-up patterns. I flipped through the look-book and...there it was! I knit that sweater! How cool is that? I am just as excited for them as I am to see something I made with my own hands in a book. The Fibre Company is really an amazing company because of these ladies. Their yarn is to-die-for. I'm planning a striped spring cardi in Acadia and want to buy every color of Terra whenever I walk buy it. Their patterns are really carefully and clearly written and incredibly functional and classic in design. I can't wait to finally knit a Selbu Modern!

I have a hunch that Volume 2 is on its way soon, also, and not only because this one is called Volume 1. :)

P.S. Just so you know, The Fibre Company has only ever paid me for my knitting services, not for endorsements. Everything I write here, I write because I mean it.


  1. Wait, you knitted THAT sweater?! You are an artist, no doubt about it. I'm so, so excited for you! You are such an inspiration to me : )

    1. Thank you! You inspire me too, so we're even. ;)

  2. Getting your knits in a publication is the same as being famous, right? :) Being a test knitter is pretty cool and that's a beautiful, classic cardigan!

    1. Well...kinda. :) If I had designed it...then for sure! I'm content just knitting the samples, though. It's a really great cardi.


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