Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Come Closer

Let me tell you a little secret about WIP Wednesdays here at Bunnies and Bettas: if you get tired of seeing me post the same old projects every Wednesday, just wait until the first Wednesday of every month. New classes will be posted for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup the first of the month and I will abandon everything in progress, and cast on a ton of new ones! Yay!

Here's the last time you'll be seeing this until it is finished sometime at a later date. I thought a worsted weight shawl would take no time at all. I was wrong. I am halfway through it and working on it in the lecture I T.A., so it'll get done, just very slowly.

The first is Friday, which means I've finished five or six projects, so the shawl's the only work progressing at the moment, besides the secret one I can't show you for a while. It should be done soon, though. It's really cute! If you are my Facebook friend, shhhh!

The good news is that every month leaves me with weeks of FO Friday posts, so do come back every week for those, of course. ;) Maybe you don't need an excuse for startitis? I don't either, but the HPKCHC is a good scapegoat. Wanna start a ton of projects with me? Eh...?

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  1. Oh you're going to do it again this year? How fun! You are so bad to be knitting in lecture meetings (I knit in my grad classes...). I would take my time on the shawl if I were you, the color is so pretty I'd take my time and savor it!

    1. I feel pretty bad knitting during lecture, but I know none of the students are paying attention to me (or can see me way up front with my back to them), so I'll keep at it. :D


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