Monday, February 25, 2013

I Haz a Sad

A big fat one! :( It's 100% wool. Will some dryer time fix it without felting it? I don't know what the hell I did wrong!

Fortunately, I also haz a happy. My other bulky hat came out perfectly and I want to write a pattern for it. I'm going to try it in another yarn and try to get it out before the end of March. I've never written a pattern before, so that may not be realistic, but I'll try!

EDIT: I may have been prematurely sad. I tried it on while still damp. It has since dried fully and fits much better, but not perfectly. Dare I try a few minutes in the dryer?


  1. I love these cables! I hope you do write the pattern. I've only written one that was very simple, but it was a good learning experience- just seeing if I could do it. Maybe this will be the first of many for you.

  2. Oh no! This always happens to me but they always turn out too small. Personally I wouldn't put it in the dryer, I would start over considering it is 100% wool. But if you aren't too attached to it, it may make a great experiment. So great to hear from you!


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