Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Things

I had a whole week off and a stack of books to read and you know how far I got? Well, if my exam is on Thucydides and/or the Peloponnesian War, I'm totally ready!  But it's not, so I'd better start reading faster. I really did enjoy reading Thucydides, though. As I read, I thought about things I had learned about him a few years ago for my Second Year Exam and was pleased to have it all flood back to me pretty easily. I have yet to go back to my notes to confirm those things, but I feel good about them.

Knitting-wise, I'm itching like crazy to cast on a sweater or two or the really special thing I just got yarn in the mail for (will share soon!), but I have to wait another couple weeks. We have a conference for my discipline coming to our university this year the week after my exam. I have volunteered to man the registration table for 3+ hours, which means lots and lots of knitting time! I can't wait! I've never been to this particular conference, which is a big one for Classicists, so that will be fun too. Plus all the old friends who have gone off their separate ways will be flocking back, I hope!

In other news, Eliza tagged me to tell you five random things about myself, which I will try very hard to do.

1. Every morning when my phone alarm wakes me up, I stare at the screen and wonder if "snooze" is actually a word and if it's spelled right. Some days it is spelled completely differently than other days. That might just be my waking dreams, though.

2. I don't eat beans of any sort. Don't like them. Gross.

3. The first and last thing I do every day (from bed, even) is check my email. It's also sometimes the only time I check my email, so I haven't considered it a problem...yet. John begs to differ.

4. I drew this on It is called "A Bunny". Pretty good, eh?

5. Speaking of bunnies, the only thing I have planned for Easter dinner is rolls that look like bunnies....

That was hard, so they probably aren't that interesting, but there are five of them and they are random. Now I get to pass the torch to five more lucky bloggers!

Ivy of Pumpkin Spins
Rebecca of Nook
Tecrin of Tecrin Tries
Michelle of My So-Called Handmade Life
Ann of (the one and only ;])

I will take no offense if you beg off, I'm just curious what your five random things are! :) Now, I have some serious reading to do on top of a Latin assignment for tomorrow, so I better get gone. I hope to be back Wednesday. Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm not usually into those kinds of things, but I'm very tempted! When I have time to blog again, I have projects finished but haven't had time to photograph them. I know you understand how that goes. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little more prepared for the exam, I'm sure that you will do fantastic! I'm also so glad to hear you get some more knitting time too! That will help you relax a little bit hopefully.

  2. it's shockingly difficult, right?!

    i have the same thing with my snooze button... most likely it would look weird no matter how it was spelled due to half-asleep-edness...

  3. Dinnernotart is so funny, thank you for introducing me to it! I'm stopping by after Ivy linked to you on her five random facts. She tagged me, so now I have to come up with five random facts!


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