Friday, March 22, 2013

Weird but Awesome

I'm suffering a building panic attack because I didn't get much done during this break week and I have three things due Monday that I don't have time to start/finish. I can't breathe....

This should help:

Zombie Monkey

Pattern: Sock Yarn Sock Monkey by Linda Cartlidge
Yarn: Scraps
Needles: US 1
Project Page

I participated in a swap for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup earlier this month, for which we had to knit something for our partner related to their patronus. My partner, who used to be in my Slytherin nest, has a monkey for a patronus, but said she'd have chosen a zombie if she could have. I thought--naturally, I'm sure--a zombie monkey was the answer!

Since I couldn't talk about it on Ravelry, my Facebook friends got to help me with it. I think they steered me straight. He's flippin' cute, huh? I could have gone more gory, but I think I did just enough. He even has an intestine poking out, but you can't really tell. She loves him and named him after a guy from Walking Dead. John and I need to start watching that show....

I don't think I changed anything except that I worked the legs and arms two-at-a-time, which made it much easier to work the legs into the body and make sure I was doing the arms right. I think his tail is my favorite part. :) You can see more photos on the project page.

I bet you can guess what my patronus is? A bunny, of course! The Slytherin who drew me knit me three washcloths with bunnies on them. They are stinkin' cute!

I'm sorry if I'm sparse for the next week or two. Comps. :S Comps and classes and grading and a conference, actually. :P I'm going to pass this exam so I don't have to take another class in my entire life!

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  1. Gasp! You haven't seen the Walking Dead? That must be the first thing you do once you pass that exam with flying colors, and you will because you are awesome! If you ever start to feel down, think of all of the amazing knits like the one above that you have finished. It helps me to think about how I may be struggling with a class or some other challenge, but I can knit damnit! And I'm good at it! It is a very comforting thought. Good luck with the workload, you can do this!

    1. Aww, thanks. :D I do take comfort in my knitting in every possible way. We actually started watching Walking Dead a couple days ago. It was a bad decision, because we are obsessed!

  2. All the best! have a break and stay calm. The monkey is lovely. Regula

  3. 1- goooooood luck! get through this week, remember to breathe!

    2- this monkey is FABULOUS. i love the little guts n' brains poking out! which character did she name him after? i love the walking dead...

    1. Breathing is better. :) She named him Daryl. I can dig it.


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