Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glad to Have a Garage

Here's what I have been working on today:

Her name is Polly and she needed a shine.

So I gave it to her! One headlight was burned out. I replaced both of them with brighter bulbs because Iowans don't believe in streetlights. ;) I also Rain-Xed all the windows because,'s raining out and I haven't done it for a couple years. Fun fact: after you've used Rain-X on your windows and the water repellent wears off (it takes a loooong time), water smears worse than if you hadn't ever used Rain-X on your windows! Actually, maybe that's not's been so long since I put on the first coat of Rain-X that I probably just don't remember what a plain, wet windshield looks like....

Sorry, I went infomercial on you there! Rain-X really is great if you live in a wetish climate, though.

I'm knitting and seaming(!), too. I just haven't done any today (yet)! I'll have some knitting for you Friday.

What are you working on (knitting or non-knitting related :D)? Are you excited for Halloween?! I am! Tell me what you or your loved ones are dressing up as!

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