Friday, October 25, 2013

Just in Time for Halloween

At the Cauldron's Edge

Pattern: By the Seine River by Dona Knits
Yarn: Candy Skein Yummy Fingering Superwash Sock in Witch's Brew
Needles: US 1
Project page

These socks took me far too long to knit! They were a between-projects/traveling project and just kept getting shoved aside for things I really wanted to work on. I love all of Tami's monthly colorways, but this one screamed at me to buy it! I really had jump on it because I was also a bit sore about not buying September 2012's (the previous month's) monthly color, Honey Crisp Apple (bottom of this page), which was also stunning.

I knew I didn't want a heavy pattern to obscure the color or so light a pattern that the color would obscure it, so when I saw all the lovely versions of this pattern in subtly variegated yarns, I knew it would match the yarn perfectly. I literally started knitting them in the dark one night in Idaho, so I didn't have a clue what they looked like until the next morning. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised!

Another reason they took so long was because the feather and fan and twisted ribbing (ick...) on such small needles was not fun for my hands. I don't think I changed the pattern much except to lengthen the cuffs (didn't want to waste any of this beautiful yarn!), change the heel flap to eye of partridge, and change the toe decreases. I basically stopped looking at the pattern after I had the feather and fan part down, so I made it up as I went along. :) I think I detailed my modifications on the Ravelry page, however.

I had envisioned these as spring socks, actually, so I could wear them tall with bare legs and boots. It's too cold to do that now, but they will be fun to bum around the house in until spring rolls 'round again.

I really had fun pairing the perfect sock pattern with yarn I couldn't live without. I have done the process again with another gorgeous skein that I hope to "sockify" in November. I'm the sort that usually finds yarn for the pattern, so the opposite approach is new and fun for me. Which way do you pair yarn and pattern? Do you find it easier or harder to do it one way over the other?

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  1. They're gorgeous! The combination of the yarn and pattern is perfect! For me it's easiest to find a pattern and a yarn that works with it. However, lately I've been trying to destash a little and I've had a great time browsing ravelry to find THE pattern for the yarn I wanna use up. So I guess both ways are fine for me?

    ps: I also only look at sock patterns for the actual pattern but do my own thing when it comes to the cuff length, heels and toe decreases.

  2. Beautiful socks! I love the green in that color combo! I usually choose the pattern first. However, I've won a few skeins in the last year and found it a fun experience to choose what I will make with them based on their color and weight. Now I've just got to do it!

  3. those turned out great! I love the colors and the stitches, looks amazing :)

    Lisa (<visit me!)

  4. pretttty socks!

    i try to think about what i would want to use yarn for when i buy it, but in general i have a tendency to buy yarn when i see it and then worry about what it'll make later. this sometimes bites me in the tuckus in terms of not having adequate yardage for the dream project, but it also can sometimes be the funnest variety of challenge, forcing me to think outside the box, to make patterns fit the yarn i have by changing the gauge or shape, or adjusting details, or adding a color.

    i also have bought yarn for a specific pattern, only to change my mind later! the dark purple i'm using for my aidez was originally purchased to make an owl sweater, for example!


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