Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Oh man, I wish I had some new knitting to show you! I'm working on a test/sample knit that I'm not allowed to share. I will as soon as I am able! That means I've been tearing apart sweaters and picking up an old work-in-progress here and there. I'll share a couple I have finished on Friday (though they really aren't that old...).

I've also been busy cultivating my green thumb. John redecorated my corner, so I've moved all my plants to the empty spots in my bigger bookshelf. Now that I see them daily, I realize they need a little attention! Remember my terrarium? Still going strong! Our Ben Franklin is closing and I scored a couple cheap LED lights that happen to fit perfectly in the top of my terrarium jar! It brightens up my dark shelf at night as I slave over grading and Greek. :)

I'm also trying to revive an orchid John gave me for Valentine's day this year. It's just thirsty, but I'm not sure how many of the roots are still viable, so I'm sprouting new ones. Trying to, anyway. I'll give it a couple of weeks, then put it in a proper pot.

My other orchid, which John gave me on our first date (awwww!), is doing well! I discovered yesterday that it needs to be repotted and to have some of its roots trimmed too. It's going to be a busy month for the plants.

What are you working on that's not knitting-related? Getting any late (or early, depending where in the world you are) gardening done? Of course, I want to hear about the knitting too! I'm ready to cast on five projects as soon as this test knit is in the mail. Inspire me! :)

I'll get back on this blogging horse slowly but surely. Thanks for not completely abandoning me last month. :)

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  1. I so love the light in your terrarium, I'll bet the plants do too. It must make for nice mood lighting.
    I have a suggestion for your secret project. when I am working on a project and feel like I am making a snail's pace, I put a marker in when I start each day, and then later I can see how far I've come, I don't feel so bad. And honestly, when I am being monogamous on the needles, I am like that bad boyfriend with the wandering eye, checking out the patterns that pop up on Ravelry. LOL
    I am eight rows away from being done on my In August, Away cowl. I will be sad for it to end, maybe another will be cast on when I finish? I am also working near the end of my Ali Cowl, a twisted stitch design by Amanda Lilley and a welted cowl by John Brinegar.
    My desk is festooned with the skeins next up, singing their siren's song. Can't wait to start new projects too! Good luck!!!

    1. The marker is a great idea! I have to measure this one fairly often, but it's not progress I really notice without that visual reminder. The end is near (and I've cast on a lot of really gorgeous stuff!). :) I'll have to look up the cowls. I haven't thought much about winter accessories just yet, but my eye has certainly be wandering....


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