Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2nd Annual WIP Demolition

About this time last year I got a bug in my bonnet about finishing my very many unfinished objects. I've got the same bug this year, so I will once again be demolishing that pile one project at a time!

I've decided to work on at least a project a week until I've finished a few. I have about ten. I'm hoping only working on it for a week will keep me from getting bored or going mad. I obviously put most of these down because I don't like to work on them for very long. :P

This week's lucky winner is my year-old Double Leaf Saroyan. It was a knit-along last fall and I'm not sure I even made it halfway through the scarf before the KAL was over. Now it gets it's big return. I doubt I'll finish it this week, but I should hit the 3/4 mark. I don't know why it's such slow going.

Actually, I have to finish some baby things for a shower this weekend, so the Saroyan won't be the only project getting attention this week, but it will get the most. A few buttons here and there and that will be one well-dressed baby!

Are you casting on lots of things or do you have an itch to finish everything hogging up your needles, too? If you would like to demolish the WIP pile with me, we can make it a party! Work on one WIP a week until that pile is small enough that you aren't crazy anymore. It's that simple. :) Then, we can parade our accomplishments proudly instead of shoving them in a dark corner.


  1. i'm getting that same urge! i think i kind of want a clean slate for the new year. the problem is that i put down some of my projects in a state where i'll have to spend the first hour working on it just figuring out where i am. i can't tell you how many times i've picked them up, and then put them down in favor of something else. ugh!

    the saroyan looks lovely... hopefully it'll be something you appreciate more as an FO than you do as a WIP?

  2. It's the clean slate desire for sure. I've actually been considering giving it away, but I might change my mind when it's done. :)


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