Friday, December 6, 2013

Something a Bit Different

I'm partaking in a different artistic medium today. As an undergraduate, I minored in studio art. As a kid who grew up drawing her favorite musical artists and anime characters, then doodling during lectures in the margins of my notes, I was incredibly happy and blessed to be able to learn to do what I had been doing all my life with skill and a mastery I had never imagined I could accomplish. It's an incredible moment to realize the limits of your talent are endless with a little bit of training.

These days, I don't have the time to spend hours sketching (and I'm a slow one...always have been), so I knit instead and try to learn more and more about my camera so that I can express my creativity in a quicker medium. Or, in the case of knitting, one that is well-suited to multitasking or a few minutes where I can find them.

An opportunity has arisen for me to drag the sketchbook out again, so I'm brainstorming some variations on a theme. I'm a super-realist normally, but I hope I can extend myself a bit and produce something different than I have before. A conference needs a face and I need an excuse to flex my artistic muscles. The trick will be getting it done in days without knowing where any of my art supplies are, but...necessity is the mother of invention? At the very least, I need to find my eraser!

I painted my nails, too! Probably the best job I've ever done (though I've done a cleaner right hand). I scrubbed the counters after I painted them and only two tiny smudges! I went a little crazy and bought four bottles of polish at Walmart Monday. :S I need to remember to get a buffer next time. My nails are crazy shapes.

What creative talents do you have besides knitting or crocheting? Do you have time to pursue those interests? I hope so. It makes me sad to look back at my drawings and know I don't have the time or space for that sort of work anymore. :/

Also, you'll notice (if you aren't on a reader) that the blog format is a little different. I'm hoping it will accommodate larger photos, since I'm making some headway learning how to take and edit them. The rest of the blog will get a face-lift little by little, too, probably when I have my brother within easy reach so he can help. :)

Have a fantastic weekend! If I get anything great drawn up, I'll show you next week. I'm preeeeeetty rusty.


  1. i can't wait to see how your creative endeavor unfolds!

    and yay! nails!

    i have all sorts of hobbies that fall by the wayside and resurge depending on my mood and life... i have a cross stitch tapestry that i've been working on here and there for yeeeeears... i'm in no rush to finish it, it's kind of just around for when i'm in the mood. and i've ever so slowly and pain-stakingly been trying to learn photoshop.

    good luck!

    1. Thanks! I just started following the blog of a cross-stitch designer (and knitter) and I kind of want to start cross-stitching again, but I scarcely have the space for my knitting supplies and I sort of have to write a dissertation, I guess....Maybe after. :) Good luck with Photoshop! I just use a free program to fix white-balance, adjust brightness, and call it a day, lol.


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