Saturday, February 15, 2014


I told you I feel like winter is never going to end. I've been knitting on that belief, too. Here is a hat I knit in a day. It is a winter hat, through and through. :)


Pattern: Hannah by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon
Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta in Indiecita
Needles: US 6 & 7 (US 13)*
Project Page

When I worked at a yarn shop, by far the most popular yarn we ever sold was Rasta. We would get a shipment and it would be gone the next day. I was fortunate enough to snag two skeins last year before they flew out the door. I made a cowl I'm pretty meh about with one and this hat had always been the plan for the other.

It's a simple pattern, fits well, looks great, and has the giant-est of giant pom-poms! I'm a pom-pom freak, I'll be the first to admit it. The yarn is fabulous. I'm still not a huge fan of working with super bulky yarn, but it's quick and easy.

Usually I'm bothered by zig-zagging colors. Pooling colors don't bother me, but when it just waves back and forth, that bothers me. It didn't bother me this time. I think the color is just so varied and gorgeous that I didn't think twice about it. It looks like a shimmering, waving pool.

I used all but about a foot of the yarn. I did 3 inches of ribbing and close to 5 1/2 before the crown decreases because I wanted some slouch. I used all the rest in the giant pom-pom. :) It should be a heavy pom-pom, but it's surprisingly light. I had to block it in order to get the hat to fit over my fat head without a struggle. It fits perfectly and doesn't slide off my head. It was super warm and cozy Wednesday, when I found myself trekking through the snow more than I liked.

Do you work with super bulky very often? What sorts of items have you made with it or do you want to make with it? Have you worked with Rasta? What are your thoughts?

We hope you all had a very happy Valentine's Day full of love and chocolate. :) Whatever I was sick with a couple weeks ago decided it wants to be a cold this week, so sorry my posts have been off by a day. I'll get it all figured out by next week.

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*For more info on my strange "Needles" note, refer to this post.


  1. First thing I said: "How did she make that pom-pom?!" I love pom-poms! I saw a girl with a pair of gloves that had pom-poms on the end of each finger, and I coveted them!

    The colors are nice, too :-)

    1. A giant pom-pom maker! I have one in every size, naturally. ;) I don't know if I could function with a pom-pom on every finger, but I'm totally putting tiny ones on some mittens I'm knitting. :D


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