Friday, April 18, 2014

Finishing is Happening

I'll be honest, when I set out to finish up my works-in-progress, I had no real expectation of making a significant dent in them. I get this bug once a year, usually around Christmas, and manage to knock three or four things off the list, then I get tired of working on old projects, cast on something new, and forget about my WIPs for another year. :)

In reality, I've already managed to finish much more than I had hoped in just two weeks than I had imagined for the whole month! I'm not burned out on the old things yet, either. Maybe it's the sunshine filling me with hope and happiness (something I don't get in my December push), but I bet it's the fact that so many of you are finishing up or starting really beautiful stash projects with me! It's much easier to do together.

I actually managed to finish three knits this week, but the shawl needs to be blocked yet, so I will save it for next week. I should have a sweater by then too!

Lunar Legwarmers

Pattern: Spanish Moss Legwarmers by Courtney Kelley in November Knits
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino in Dark Side of the Moon
Needles: US 2
Project Page

They are finally done! The yarn is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful, everything is beautiful! The only modification I made was to shorten the lace pattern by two repeats because I have short legs. I wish my calves were slim and lovely like the model's. Maybe I'll start running again. Or maybe not.... ;)

I looked super cute in these yesterday. I wish I had a whole outfit shot instead of just my belegging'd legs. Alas....Next time. It's a great spring outfit. Just need to clean my shoes, it seems.

Linden Mittens

Pattern: LINDEN Mittens by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Sockina Cotton in Wine Harvest Multi FairIsle
Needles: US 1
Project Page

This is my second pair of Linden Mittens in as many months. I participated in Jane Richmond's Linden Mittens KAL last month and tried to squeeze two pair into two weeks. I almost succeeded, but got ahead of myself and kitchenered the tops of these guys too soon. I hate taking kitchener apart, so they sat for a couple of weeks before I redid them and finished the thumbs. They are perfect now.

What do you think about the colors? Be honest! Some days I like it and some days I think, "Why on earth would I want to be seen in these?!" I'm not a fan of self-patterning yarns. They never pattern quite right. The yarn is pretty nice. It's a nice cotton and will be warm but light enough for cool spring days (though I opted for my woolen mittens this morning). Spring mittens seem a little weird, though, don't they? Am I going to be the only person on the planet who wears mittens in spring? I don't mind. :)

I started with 14 projects, now I'm down to 14. Confusing? I know. I pulled three out of hibernation as I finished three this week. ;) I'll finish one more next week, but I'm also starting a new one tomorrow out of stash yarn, so I might be stagnating a bit longer, haha. I'm going to have to push hard to get to my (arbitrary) goal of 10 or fewer WIPs by the end of the month! I'm running out of easy finishes!

For more FO Friday posts, visit Tami's Amis! I'll see you next week!


  1. 10 or fewer WIPs by the end of the month!

    LOL! That's my kind of goal. Inherently achievable :D

    Love the leggings! I don't think you need to take up running; and anyway, it would eat into your knitting time ;) As for the gloves, I don't think they're my color, either, but sometimes that's just what you need, you know, something different from your normal choices.

    1. It would be great if I could run and knit at the same time....I do have a spinning bike. That wouldn't be so hard to knit on. ;) You're right about the mittens. Different definitely opens up doors.

  2. Love the leg warmers! Purple is my favourite colour so I love when other people knit with it too!

    1. Thanks! I agree! Everyone else's purple projects are usually my favorite projects. :)

  3. Cute and cozy legwarmers! Hooray for finishing up more projects.


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