Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Miniature Projects

For me, the hardest part about blogging lately has been photos. I either forget to take them, am too lazy to take them, take bad ones I don't really want to share, or can't remember to take them off the camera. I've been pretty busy this summer, but also pretty lazy. The knitting is picking back up after a few months of just not really wanting to. I'm also learning how to share knitting time with the other hobby I've picked up and not talked much about: my dolls.

At some point I told you there were more than the one. The first one is gone, living with my step-mom now as a special thanks for all of her work on our wedding. I have four total, two I often forget to count  because they are small and unfinished. I think the important ones are complete enough to share now, though.

Lenore arrived in December. I painted her face and gave her gorgeous eyes and full eyelashes this spring. I've acquired a few bits of clothing for her, but she's a really odd, not terribly popular shape, so I'm looking forward to sewing things for her.

Aileen came to me in February, I think. She was pre-owned, so she came painted. I might redo her face at some point, but it suits her for now. I've had her in a few different wigs (I made this one myself out of the suri alpaca from a previous post), but haven't quite found the right one yet. I'll make another one out of a really neat wool that I think will be just about perfect. These aren't the eyes she'll keep either. I have a couple pair on order and I hope one is just the right green.

I also knitted her a sweater last month. I'm really proud of it! It has pockets! I hope to make a me-sized one someday. Her wig here is my favorite yet, but I hope I can get just a little closer to what I want.

They have been a lot of fun. I have so many projects planned for them, but everything takes time and sometimes research. Some things, like the wig and Lenore's face, I was able to do in short spurts. I'm hoping small sewing projects will be a bit more gratifying and more instant than the weeks and months other projects have taken me. Knitting the sweater only took a couple days. I can handle that. :)

Friday, I'll share one of those photos of me that I don't like just so I can bring the blog back to life a bit. I just finished a gorgeous sweater that needs photos and I need to show you the sweater I'm working on now as well! I'll just schedule photo-day and take care of all my blog picture woes in one fell swoop.

How have you been?! How is summer treating you?


  1. Beautiful work, Vanessa! Lenore, for me, evokes E. A. Poe's "Lenore" from his poems.

  2. Beautiful work, Vanessa! Lenore, for me, evokes E. A. Poe's "Lenore" from his poems.


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