Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello? Is anyone still out there?

Hi! I've missed you! I can't tell you how many times over the last 6 months I've thought with excitement: "Maybe I'll have time for a blog post!" Now's the time. Perfect timing, actually, because the knitting bug has really returned with a vengeance in the past few days.

I'll return with a bang: a finished project! A pair of socks, in fact. Now that I'm looking back, they seem to be just about exactly two years old! I started them on a plane ride home a couple years ago. Charted socks aren't exactly easy to carry around and work on, so they saw little knitting time, unfortunately, despite the stunning pattern and the amazing colorway. I'm wearing them right now (again). They are amazing! Forgive the futon shots (it's where I've been parked since the semester was over mid-December) and the Kylo Ren lounging pants. :)

If you are a Harry Potter fan and haven't snagged the Interweave Harry Potter Knits special issue, go get it! You can get it as a book now, too, if you aren't in the States and couldn't get it. It has been wiped of all HP-specific names and references, but I think most of the really good patterns made it. I can't wait to knit a few other patterns out of the magazine, but I have loads of other projects I need to finish or make first. :P

Here's the Raverly project page with all the details. Unfortunately, the Etsy shop where I got the yarn closed up. :(

It feels good to be back! I'll ease myself back into the blogging routine slowly and show you a couple of the things I've been working on next time. How have you been?! What are you working on in the new year?


  1. Great socks! There is so much inspiration in that Harry Potter book, I feel like I would want to make every single pattern in it.

  2. Welcome back! I'm trying to get back into READING blogs, as well as blogging, but as you can see I'm rather behind too. I love those socks, it's so wonderful to finish long-standing projects :)

  3. Lovely socks! Happy to see you back on this site. Hmmm, projects for the kiddos for me (purple hat, purple pullover), and contemplating another sweater for myself. Maybe Strokkur?


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