Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a sappy folk who likes Valentine's Day.  It's been pretty cute here between yellow roses, yummy chocolates, and cuddly bunnies!

But I won't carry on about that.  This is a knitting/bunny/betta blog!

Therefore, I thought I would finally take some time to tell you what's on my needles.  I have a lot of projects in progress, so I'll tell you about my big one for the moment:

Alicia's Vintage Treeline

Two years ago, I promised my cousin and my aunt each a sweater for Christmas.  I have two mostly-finished sweaters lying around.  Since I used some squeaky Lion Brand yarn (for wash-ability and cost-effectiveness), I'm not a fan of them.  They have been languishing under the couch for a long time.  My local yarn shop recently received some Berroco Vintage that I could not pass up.  I got it into my head to make my cousin a sweater not unlike one I made for the Ravelympics last year.  It's a modified Treeline Striped Cardigan.  I love mine, so I'm sure she'll love hers!  I picked some really amazing colors for her.  How am I ever going to give it up?!  Is it wrong that I want her not to like it so I can have it?  :)  It's okay, though.  I bought a couple other great colors of Vintage that I'll keep for my self.

You'll be seeing those sweaters soon enough!  And this one too.  VERY soon, I suspect.

Hopefully I'll be finishing up a few projects to share with you soon.  I finished two sweaters in the week before we started the blog and I am refraining from starting anything new until this sweater and a very large double-knit commission are done.  It's so hard to wait with piles of beautiful yarn scattered about the couch, just waiting to be cast on!  I'm a quick knitter, though, so you won't have to wait long to see all the goodies I have planned.

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