Friday, June 15, 2012

My Phone is Happy

Key-Proof and Attachable

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Steam Age
Needles: US 4
Project Page

I've been meaning to knit a phone cozy since I got my new phone in...October. I've been super paranoid about my keys scratching the touch screen lately, so it was time. I also have a terrible habit of carrying cards with me in my pants pocket (I carry a thing that looks like a purse, but it's really a knitting bag that I don't like to carry if I don't have to). Cards get bent, beat, up, and unusable fast. So my phone cozy also became my card carrier!

I have been trying to use up this Madtosh DK for a while. It is just never-ending. I could make three more cozies from it, I bet. I'll have to find something else. I hate having a little ball of that beautiful stuff languishing in my Random Balls of Yarn bag. It worked out pretty great for the cozy, though, I must say.

No fancy designing, really. I think I cast on 32 stitches with Judy's Magic Cast-On and knit in the round until it was a little longer than my phone, then bound-off half the stitches and worked the flap flat (it needs to be blocked wider). The pocket I did with 20 stitches and an improvised cable pattern which I just seamed to the cozy. I learned from my last cozy that buttons with buttonholes are easier to undo than buttons with strings wrapped around them over and over and over.

Nothing too fancy, but it sure is practical! I bet you can find lots of pretty, fancy FOs at Tami's Amis!


  1. I like it! :-) Design and purpose match.

  2. Brilliant. Looks great!

    I always did that back when I was still in Uni and had to go to the library, in stead of bringing my entire bag with me all the time, I simply stuffed my library card in my phone case which had a magnetised flap so it would be safe. The case was silly, though, it came with the phone but the design was such that the on-button was still exposed. I've made many, many trouser-calls back when I still had that phone.

  3. It looks really nice! Most phone cases always seem to look exactly like they are, homemade. Not this one, it looks very pretty. I love that colorway too.

  4. hmm.... just a thought, but do you have enough steam age left for another hat? because i have been in love with that colorway since you first posted it, and i would totes do a hand knits swap with you... any interest?

    love your cute little cozy!


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