Tuesday, August 7, 2012

School Starts Soon

So I've been cramming in some reading which I've been doing for a while, but not to the necessary capacity. It makes me really tired. How does mental work wear me out more than physical work? I might be getting sick. That would contribute....

In any case, here's my second outfit. Perfect for school starting soon. Why did I only put it on to go to the store? Got me!

top: Banana Republic, jeans: Grane (gifted), shoes: Merona from Target, accessories: gifted necklace, Avon rings, Gap belt, Relic watch.

I always think I hate these jeans. I don't like flared jeans on me. But then I wear them and I do like them. I've decided it's the whiskers. I may need a pair or two more of flared jeans sans whiskers. No make-up or curled bangs again, but look! I accessorized. :) Gettin' there!

So I think in my first two days this round I already have more good pictures of myself than in my whole winter 30 for 30. I really like my new camera! Now I need to get a remote....

Oh! P.S. totally yanked this from Kendi. I'll try rolling up the cuffs next time I wear the jeans.


  1. stripes are just so effortlessly chic, aren't they? you look great and totally pulled together! love that necklace!

  2. Black and white stripes are just the best, looks fantastic!


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