Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have a second to breathe (and write a post)! It's nice. :) Usually I don't go crazy until mid-October (midterm), but this year it's the movement into the second third of the semester that's killing me. I've had worse weeks, though, so I think I might me moderately rockin' it.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting a few rows here and there on a few different things. Here's the thing that has blossomed most, though. It's a baby blanket that I started last Friday at a get-together with the gals in my department. I didn't have anything mindless I could take to work on while we watched a movie, so I cast this puppy on. It's rather pleasant. I'm not crazy about the shadow rib rows (p2, k1 tbl) because knitting through the back loop requires an iota more of attention than I've had to give it, but I haven't messed it up...yet.

I cannot decide if I like this color! I loved it when I picked it out because it wasn't white, we didn't have a lighter tan, and the darker brown was just not baby enough, but it's earthy and boyish and I think the mother will love it. Now that I'm about halfway through it, though...I just don't know....What do you think? You can be honest. :) It's Plymouth Encore DK, so I don't know if I can dye it, but that wouldn't keep me from trying!

I think I'm still on track to show you a few finished baby objects Friday (or one, at the very least), so I hope to see you then! For more WIP Wednesday projects, head over to Tami's Amis! Now that the Summer Sweater KAL is winding down, you should definitely go to luvinthemommyhood to check who has finished their sweaters. They are beautiful! I wish I had more time to devote to mine. :( I think I should have it done in a week or two. fingerscrossed!


  1. I'd probably feel the same after looking at so many tan-brown stitches, but natural-colored baby stuff like this is so good! It goes with everything. And the color suits the simple pattern.

  2. My advice, save yourself a lot of grief and don't try dyeing it. I've tried dyeing acrylic blends with professional acid dyes, it was a disaster! I think that the color has some personality, and like you said, she will love it no matter what because it is shows how much you care.


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