Saturday, September 29, 2012


There are a lot of really good movies on tv today, so I'm having trouble being academically productive, but I did just weave in the ends on three knitting projects unexpectedly, so that's pretty cool! As The Band's Visit wraps up, I'll tell you about my newest FO.

Mini Snape

Pattern: Capuchon by Tagil Perlmutter
Yarn: Berocco Vintage in Smoke (held double)
Needles: US 10.5
Project Page

This was a result of asking my Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup Slytherin Nest which classes I could fit a bunch of baby things into. My Big Snake, Alrischa, said I should make a baby Snape cape. So I did! :D

It's super cute! It also looks insanely big for 6-12 months, but what do I know? The only changes I made to the pattern were to knit one more inch before the raspberry stitch border, which I did in seed stitch, and close the top of the hood with a 3-needle-bind-off. Seriously, every baby/toddler/child needs a cape.

My model is Jasper, whom I admit I still sleep with from time to time. :) He's the only child-sized object I have in the house. Besides a bunny...but bunnies bite.

I'm a day late, but that doesn't mean you can't still see yesterday's FO Friday posts on Tami's blog. Next Friday should be the end of baby things, then back to adult-sized garments. I'm going to try to wear this cape  for a little while, though....


  1. super super cute! best thing about babies is that as long as it is too big, it will fit at some point. :)

  2. Yeah I still have no idea what shape babies are in, their clothes confound me. Also, don't feel bad, I'm not being academically productive either. Sometimes you just need a break, enjoy it!

  3. This is really cute and looks even cuter on the dog :P I love the color and how there is a little hood on the back.


    1. Thank you! The dog himself is very cute, but much cuter with the hood. :)


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