Monday, January 28, 2013


Surprise of surprises, I did get dressed yesterday. I just forgot to document it. :P It was my striped shirt and black cords. That's it. No shoes, no accessories, just a shirt and some pants. Here's today's:

Gap: tee; Banana Republic: cardi; Athleta: dress; Target: tights, belt; Blowfish: boots; Forever 21: necklace; handmade!: socks.

This is officially my favorite outfit! I felt so cute all day today. And comfortable! That's a big thing for me in a dress. I looked much cuter after I put my hair in a pony falling over one shoulder. I was having a decent hair day, so I didn't want to force it to do anything too fancy. :)

I'm super glad that I bought myself short boots because I have discovered that all of my hand-knit socks peek out the top for the world to see! No one asked me about or seemed to notice today's socks, but I smiled every time I looked down at them. They are my Thelonius Andromeda socks. Probably my favorite design- and color-wise. I wear my Dexter socks most often because they are deliciously soft. Unfortunately, I don't have many outfits that will accommodate their orange stripes. ;)

Go see what Eliza and Rebecca put on today!


  1. "Handmade!: socks" - love that "!" hehehe.

    This is a really nice one. I don't think I have any dresses or boots... think I need some, though.

  2. How could no one notice such beautiful socks? They are such an attractive blue too! I love the outfit too, it looks especially great on you!

    1. Thanks! Everyone ignores everyone else on the streets here and no one else saw my feet, so I didn't expect anyone to notice. :)

  3. this dress looks so ridiculously comfortable. love this outfit! and it's nice having a little display for your handknit socks ^_^


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