Friday, January 18, 2013



Pattern: Exeter by Michelle Wang
Yarn: unlabeled mill-spun Polworth and silk blend
Needles: US 5 and 8
Project Page

This sweater was a long labor of intense love (though I did swear at it a lot in the end). It shouldn't have taken me six months, but other things got in the way and I was frequently overwhelmed by stress over whether I would have enough yarn to complete it. The thought of getting to the last stretch of this gorgeous cable pattern only to realize that I'd have to rip the whole thing out and find a new project was enough to make me shove it out of sight for a while.

I made a couple modifications through fear of yarn shortage. I did only half of the shawl collar increases and half of the sleeve increases. I'm very happy with the slightly smaller shawl collar, but I do wish the sleeves were a little bit bigger. If I block them on a form, they might be okay. I finished with two little tiny balls of yarn left!

I named it for Adele's "Lovesong", originally by The Cure and first covered by 311. I still can't decide which I love best, but Adele's is most befitting the sweater, I suppose. There's clearly no answer, but I'd love to hear which you like best if you feel like rocking away about 12 minutes of your life. ;) I'll tell you right now best video goes to The Cure (it always does!).

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  1. Cute name for the sweater! I think I remember when you got that yarn, it sounds wonderful to work with and definitely makes for a super pretty sweater. I think it takes serious skill to make something gorgeous without running out of yarn. I'm definitely going to have to go with The Cure on this one, they are much more my style.

    1. Thanks! I did blog about the yarn. It's super dreamy. It was mostly, luck, I think, but I did try to approach it intellectually, haha. I absolutely love The Cure. They can do no wrong, right?

  2. The Cure!! I love Adele's, never heard 311 until now, but the Cure by far. And I love your cardi!!! It is gorgeous. Glad you were able to get it done with the mods. The fit looks perfect.

    1. Yes! The Cure! Yay! I knew the 311 one first, then someone saw fit to introduce me to the wonder that is The Cure. :) Thank you!

  3. oh. my. glob. your sweater is stunnnnning. good job with the yarn-saving mods!

  4. That is amazing. I'm really impressed.


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