Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Start Your Sweaters

Listen? Do you hear it? The sound of hundreds of knitting needles clacking away?

Today is the beginning of the much-anticipated Summer Sweater Knit-a-long, hosted by luvinthemommyhood. The Ravelry group has been abuzz with excitement. I haven't looked today, but I suspect everyone is so busy casting-on that it might be a bit quieter than normal. :)

I have a rather extensive list of sweaters to finish and start this go-round. We'll see how many I get through. Monday I showed you the little black box in my newly organized corner that has yarn ready to cast-on in it. Here's what's in it, all for the SSKAL:

On the left is two skeins of Quince and Co. Tern in a new color, Syrah, for Wispy. The black and white skeins are The Fibre Company Canopy Worsted in Orchid and Obsidian for Frontenac (which doesn't really count in this KAL because it doesn't have sleeves). The purple skeins at the bottom are Sundara Petite Sock Yarn in Lunar Eclipse for Buckwheat. You've likely seen the pink cakes before. They are a mystery yarn, 100% wool, for a design I drafted up just last night. I'll share more of the details and process with you as I work on it. :)

I can't cast anything on until my Celestarium is done (which will be very, very soon!) and I might finish my Deco and/or Sybil before I cast anything on, but I'll likely start with Buckwheat, then the design, Frontenac, and Wispy once I start casting things on. As my poster indicates: I want to believe I can do it all. ;) We'll see!

Want to join us? You should! Go sign up at the link I provided at the top of this post and visit the Ravelry group! The ladies there are really great and really chatty. Whether you join or not, it is time to start thinking of sweater season. Got any patterns in mind for yourself?


  1. New follower via gfc from WIP. Would love to have you stop by and check out my page.

  2. If I wasn't already trying to finish my cardigan, I would so join you all! Have fun!

  3. you know, i've never done a knit along... one of these days i'll have to give it a shot! i have had serious intentions of knitting myself an aidez for at least two years now. maybe it's time to get on that.

    i like your projects! the wispy looks so infinitely wearable, and the frontenac looks so cozy! excited to see what you manage any which way!

    on a complete side note: i have a crush on your druella black... i may have mentioned it before, but it re-emerged when i was browsing my favorite shawls... so swoon-worthy!

    1. You should! It's fun to know there are a bunch of people knitting the same sorts of objects as you with the same deadline in mind. :) Prizes are nice too, of course!

      I can't wait to wear them all! I wish I could knit them all much faster.

      Druella Black is my most worn and most coveted shawl, haha. I love it so much! It's a super simple pattern. If you decide to make one yourself (and you should!), let me know and I'll send you the bag of beads I never opened for it. :)

  4. A summer KAL is such a good idea because you'll finish just in time for fall. I wish I could join in, but I have too many knitting deadlines.

    I love the colors you picked out for all of your projects. They look so perfectly coordinated in a pile together.


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