Friday, August 9, 2013

A Striped Summer Sweater

Taylor Point

Pattern: Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer
Yarn: The Fibre Company Acadia in Driftwood and Kelp
Needles: US 7
Project Page

I bought the yarn first, planning on making Bethany Wrap, but the more I perused the finished objects, the less I liked it. Besides that, I have a bajillion cardigans and only a couple of pullovers, so I have made a promise to myself to make a few more pullovers before I cast-on another cardi. Since I always make whatever Isabell Kraemer makes (intentionally or not!), it wasn't hard to find a new pattern for my lovely yarn. She designs some very simple, lovely, and comfy wardrobe staples. Between the Henley collar and the stripes, I'm not sure what more a girl could want!

I made a few modifications: Acadia is sport weight and the pattern calls for worsted. I went down a needle size to avoid making the fabric too holey and still managed to get gauge while also making a substantial fabric. I wanted a nice, loose fabric and I got it. I also converted the contiguous set-in sleeves to raglan sleeves because I like raglans and I don't like contiguous set-in. :) I am lazy and haven't posted the raglan mods to my project page. Message me on Ravelry and I'll put them up if you are interested.

The stripe modification is actually from Isabell's own "Refined" version. I did two-row stripes and color blocked the bottom and the sleeves, as you can see! I have a skein and a half or so of the grey left, so I might lengthen the body a bit. I feel like I need more grey there to balance the sleeves I want to thank you all for your reassurances about the stripes because, in the end, the contrast is perfect and not at all muddled like I thought it might be.

I could live in this sweater for ever and ever and ever. The yarn is so soft and just warm enough for a cool summer evening. The length of the sleeves is perfect, the fit is incredible, and the stripes...oh the stripes....I named the sweater after a spot in Olympic National Park. It was the first place we saw driftwood and kelp on our trip last year and, so, the first place I thought of when I got the yarn. It was also slightly chilly there, so I expect I'll wear this sweater all trip long next time we go!

I think every sweater I finish is my new favorite sweater, but this one is for real! I swear! What's your favorite knitted or crocheted item? Do you have more than one in the same pattern? I'm considering a Bog and Blue Heron one now after glancing at the Acadia colors again. :)

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  1. Oh wow! It turned out perfect, Vanessa. Your colors worked well together and your mod looks great. My favorite thing about that design is the Henley top. I once had a JCrew Henley I loved in the 90s. It got moth eaten and I've wanted another ever since. I've got some wool/bamboo I was saving to make this later, but seeing yours is making me re-think my queue.

  2. oh I LOVE your version of this sweater! maybe I should knit this again! xo


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