Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Piles Upon Piles

I missed writing on Monday in an effort to get some stuff done, but now I feel like I haven't written for ages (or gotten anything done, for that matter). I don't like that feeling. Gotta stick to the blogging schedule. :)

I made a really long list of my WIPs on a Ravelry thread and now I feel like I should ban myself from casting things on until other things are done. It's gotten kind of ridiculous! I have 13 easily finishable WIPs and 7 hibernating projects. I feel less bad about the hibernating stuff, but some of them could come out of hibernation if I had fewer works-in-progress....Or know their inevitable demise sooner, anyway.

In any case, here's the sweater I've been chugging away on for the Summer Sweater KAL while my WIPs beg for attention. I started it last Thursday and expect to have it done this weekend. It's worked up super, duper fast!

I don't like short-row sleeves, though. They don't look that great and I don't think they fit that well, either. I can't figure out why, since set-in sleeve caps have the exact same shape. I might have to tear it out and figure out a different solution. Do you like short-row sleeves? Do you have a suggestion if I have to try something different?

I hope I'm not the only one with loads of works-in-progress. Make me feel better? Or worse. I can take it. :) I promise to finish one or two things before I cast-on something new. Pinkie swear!

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  1. Oh my....I would love to see all those wip's! You can do it! I know you can :) Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I think we all have several wip's!! I know I do! When I cleaned out my craft closet I found like 10 that I have completely forgot even existed! My problem is when they have been put up for so long, I no longer have the interest in finishing them and usually rip them apart and start something fresh. My husband complains about it because of the wasted time, lol.....I just say I was practicing.

  3. you are not the only one with a long list of wips, I will be honest and say I'm a little afraid of counting just how many I have.

    Your sweater is coming along great! Beautiful colour

  4. Love the color of your sweater! I'm a newbie sweater knitter myself, so I really don't know much about sleeves yet. :) I'm a multi-project person too. Usually I'll get to a point with one project where I want to focus on it and get it done.


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